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Have a great read tonight!

Hey there!


This is the place to find information about my books, upcoming titles and an opportunity to connect on social media. Also, from time to time, you may sign up for free books, advance review copies (ARC) or become a valued beta reader for works nearing the publishing finish line.

Thank you for your interest. I welcome your feedback on any of my books or just questions about the writing business.

Click on the links in the top bar for more information. Please don't forget to sign up for my latest updates. I won't share your email with anyone. Scout's honor!

"The action is unrelenting from prologue to postmortem in Stephen Wilson's The White River Killer, a mystery set in a rural area of the Arkansas delta. The story contains all the ingredients of a well-written thriller: a long-unresolved murder, small-town intrigue, a touch of national and international news events, and an assortment of individual issues, such as substance abuse, anger, and financial insecurity." - Clarion Foreward '

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