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Who Done It?

THE SECRET TO A GOOD MYSTERY? It's all about the characters. The people who populate a good mystery should seem like real people you care about, facing the challenge of a lifetime. If I do my job right, the reader connects with them, making a new friend.

The White River Killer


A DIFFERENT KIND OF MURDER MYSTERY. John Riley Hubbard is a young farmer and part-time reporter in a small southern town. After the body of an Arab college student is found among the abandoned sharecropper homes that locals think are haunted, Hubbard reluctantly agrees to cover the story for the local paper. When he discovers there might be a surprising link from this crime to his father’s unsolved murder, he becomes obsessed with uncovering the killer’s identity. Since he was a child, Hubbard has been haunted by nightmares and suspicions that his father’s killer may be the man closest to him – his wealthy uncle.

As his investigation progresses, he must face mounting threats from an unseen adversary and manage his growing attraction to Maria, a young Latina woman who might be part of the conspiracy. On top of this, he must contend with the unexpected arrival of his ten-year-old daughter who is none too happy about living in Hayslip, Arkansas.

It will be a chase to the finish, and it will all end in the notorious Shanty Town.

The White River Killer is an edge of your seat murder mystery filled with suspense, dark humor and the supernatural.

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