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The Frank Palmer Stories

THIS EPIC SERIES OF WESTERNS follows the life of Frank Palmer, a young boy destined to follow in the footsteps of his locksmith father until a tragedy changes the direction of his life.​

In the first book, Redemption, we meet Frank Palmer. When he was twelve, his parents died in a house fire. Notorious bank robber Sam Colter adopts him when he sees advantages in having a locksmith's apprentice join his gang. At nineteen, Palmer is weary of the life of crime. When the Colter gang finds a baby at the site of a massacre, Palmer seizes the chance to escape.

The story continues with The Hunt for Frank Palmer. He is now living under an assumed name in Redemption, California. Life is complicated for the reformed bandit. The aging town sheriff has recognized Palmer but has agreed to remain silent if Palmer uses his gun in the service of the law. Palmer's challenges are many: his star-crossed love for Lisa has gone awry, a Pinkerton detective is closing in, and his old gang is heading in his direction.

In the third book, Outlaw with a Badge, an extortionist threatens to reveal his secret identify unless Palmer travels to Sacramento and join the blackmailer in a robbery that is monstrous in scope.

And coming soon, Outlaw Unmasked, the last of the Frank Palmer stories. Palmer faces the impossible choice of revealing his identity or watch is life-long love go to prison.

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